Shipwreck Land & Sea


Daily Trip Time: 5-6 Hours Depart: 08:30am


On this excursion, we will pick you up with our 8-seat luxurious minivan from our office in Argassi at 8:30 am. We will then take you to the top of the hill above the Shipwreck for panoramic photos. You will then be transported to Schinari Cape, where you will embark on a wonderful adventure aboard a glass-bottom boat to explore the Blue Caves. Our first swimming stop will be inside the cave, allowing you to enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters and capture photos of this magnificent attraction.

On the way back from the Blue Caves, we will take you to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian Sea, the Shipwreck Beach, where you can also take some amazing photos.

We will then take you to the small, private beach of Saint Andreas for a swim stop, where you can enjoy the 50 Shades of Blue in these amazing waters. After that, we will proceed to a panoramic photo shoot above the Blue Caves.

After the boat trip, we will drive you to Makris Gialos for a 45-minute swim stop and lunch (please note that lunch is optional and not included in the excursion price). Finally, we will drive to Xigia Beach for a 15-minute photo stop, along with some other places on the way, where you can also take some beautiful pictures.


The price includes transportation from/to the office, the cruise to the blue caves and Shipwreck. It does not include any personal purchases or lunch along the way.


We provide offers and discounts to large groups, big families, children of under a specific age and customers who book several trips. Contact us for more details!

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