Cruise around Zakynthos


Daily Trip Time: 8 Hours Depart: 09:00


This is our most popular full day trip to see the magnificent coast views, caves and beauties of Zakynthos island. We start by picking you up from Peter Tours Office in Argassi, and take you to down to the harbour of Zakynthos Town. From there, you hop on board to your chosen cruiser and you start your journey. Throughout the cruise, two to three swimming breaks are provided, subject to weather conditions, alongside numerous stops along the route, including visits to the renowned Blue Caves and Shipwreck, allowing ample time for capturing breathtaking photos. 38 Euros per person with the Fast Boat. 35 Euros per person with the Pirate Ship


Please note that the swimming stops may vary depending on weather conditions. The captain reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the program for safety reasons..


We provide offers and discounts to large groups, big families, children of under a specific age and customers who book several trips. Contact us for more details!

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Cruise around Zakynthos

This is our most popular full day trip to see the magnificent coast views

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