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Peter Tour Zante is a leading company in the field of tourism in Zakynthos since 1998 and specializes in private and daily small capacity cruises and tours (only few people on board!!!) .

The agency always provides value for money trips with bright new boats, coaches and vehicles, as well as daily trips and activities all over Zakynthos island and beyond.


  • Great Customer Service
  • Honesty and helpfulness
  • Accesibility managment
  • 5 languages speaking agents
  • Value for money trips
  • Decades of experience
  • First Class Cruises
  • 5 Star Tours
  • Exclusive Activities
  • Latest Model Vehicles
  • Special offers for groups
  • TripAdvisor recommended
The Value of Experience: Lessons Learned, Life Earned

Experience. It's a word tossed around often, used as a measuring stick in job interviews, a badge of honor in conversations, and a whispered regret in quiet moments. But what truly is the value of experience? It's not just the passage of time or a checklist of events. It's the intricate tapestry woven from challenges overcome, lessons learned, and the wisdom gleaned from the journey itself.


Hello travelers. I would definitely recommend this; we went turtle spotting and the owner including the crew on the boats were amazing. Peter knows everything, if you want to know anything just ask Peter.
Sian K
Known Peter a long time and he is a Lovely honest gentleman. His trips are the best and cheapest and you know you can rely on him for a safe and wonderful guide of the beautiful island.
He is one honest gentleman. He was there to see us go and return. We did the turtle trip again but next year I am doing the shipwreck!! We kept recommending him our entire two weeks.
Kathie Palin



Amazing Cruises

Not only we provide all kinds of cruises around Zakynthos, we also provide multiple options in boats and/or programs in order we keep our clients satisfied.

Deluxe Tours

Having a great tour is important to us! To succeed this, we provide luxurious coaches on our land tours with fully English-speaking professional guides.

Memorable Activities

Great time, fun and adventure are the main components of any amazing experience. This is what all our activities offer and why our office is famous about them.

Quality Cars

With fully insured quality cars, free delivery and collection, unlimited Kms and 24hour road assistance, why bother with another company?